Our Story
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Our Story

Connecting Art

& Craftsmanship

1210 Studio is a company and brand that is driven to redefine the relationship between art and craftsmanship, a new approach in an often-stale environment where creativity and forward thinking are lacking. Owners Shawn and Brian are energized by chasing new dreams and allowing those dreams to redefine them and their company. They see craftsmanship as art, art as craftsmanship, and work hard to incorporate that vision into every design, project and piece created by them and their team.

The 1210 Studio team consists of a group of highly talented, skilled, and creative people who collectively continue to push and challenge the limits of the company’s capabilities, which has been and will continue to be key to our success.

The Evolution

of 1210 Studio

In 2012 Shawn decided to make a long-standing dream of completing the Ironman Triathlon a reality. After a year of training, Shawn reached his goal, wearing the race number 1210. When he finished, he didn’t feel a sense of relief, but instead he was energized to push himself toward his dreams, big or small. An entire new world opened up when he crossed that finish line. It created a whole new outlook and approach to challenges that he began to refer to as “The 1210 Zone.”

In 2016, a life changing day came for Brian, at that time 14 years into ownership of a custom cabinetry business. This experience opened his mind to change the path, seek a partner, dig his heels into the dirt and build a business to the next level.

The duo met in 2018; a partnership was born and the pen hits the paper for the first page of the 1210 Studio story. They have been working together since 2019 as The Village Workshop Inc., founded in 2002 by Brian. As of 2021, they have officially rebranded as 1210 Studio. Brian and Shawn partnered because they both are dream chasers and challenge takers who are focused on using their skills in the world of craftsmanship to design and create. Together they help each other push their personal limits with the goal of redefining the possibilities and paths for 1210 Studio.